Making IT happen

RFP#StartupCityCahul-2022-012: Provision of mid-term review of the EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul Project – EXTENDED DEADLINE

RFP#StartupCityCahul-2022-009: Provision of Internal Control Systems Assessment for the Startup Foundation Moldova (SMF) – EXTENDED DEADLINE

RFP#OPS-ICTEC-StartupCityCahul-2022-007: Accounting services for ATIC general and project needs – EXTENDED DEADLINE

RFP#ICTEC-2022-004: Request for Proposals for Audit Services of the 2021 Financial Statements of ATIC as per USAID requirements – EXTENDED DEADLINE

RFQ#ICTEC-2022-008: Supply of Drones for AGTech – DEADLINE EXTENDED

RFP#StartupCityCahul-2022-006: Provision of Audit Services for the EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul Project as per Sida requirements – DEADLINE EXTENDED

RFQ#ICTEC-2022-003: Supply of IT equipment and 3D printers (2 LOTs) – EXTENDED DEADLINE

RFP#StartupCityCahul-2022-002: Brand strategy development and implementation consultancy for the EU4Innovation Center in Cahul

RFQ#ICTEC-2022-001: Supply of a modular production line for mechatronics and Industry 4.0 training

RFQ#ICTEC-2021-049: Provision and installation of Air Conditioning System for Tekwill Balti ICT Excellence Center