Fostering ICT
Development through
Strategic Partnerships

THE MOLDOVAN ASSOCIATION OF ICT COMPANIES (“ATIC”) is a business Organisation uniting 96 entities and representing an Umbrella Organisation that gathers over 9 000 employees.

The voice of the Moldovan ICT

Being established in 2006, ATIC is the action leading association and the voice of the Moldovan ICT industry that promotes:
  • Development of the ICT sector in the Republic of Moldova through viable partnerships between companies, similar organisations, government, state institutions and international organisations.

The association was founded to represent the industry on different policy and legislative issues and to facilitate the exchange of best-practices between members. ATIC mission is to protect and promote the Association members’ interests as well as facilitate a more favourable ICT business climate.

Making the ICT sector a growth engine

The ICT sector will become an enabler of the Moldovan economy and Moldovan Association of ICT Companies will actively contribute into the process of making Moldovan ICT sector the growth engine focused on principles of fair competition, transparency, free and open market in line with international regulations, by creating a better business, educational and social environment for the ICT players of Moldova.

ATIC will actively promote the interests of its members by getting involved into the spheres of regulation, education, capacity building, competitiveness enhancement to have ICT lead the industry and become a part of any system and process to ensure its development climate.

The Association represents the interests of member-companies in international industry associations and organisations: DIGITALEUROPE, WITSA, EuroISPA.

With support from our partners