Making IT happen

RFQ#ATIC-UkRef-StartupCityCahul-2023-006: Supply of furniture for “Digital Labs” (2 LOTs)

RFP#ATIC-2023-004: Provision of Internal Audit (Censor) Services for the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies’ (“ATIC”)

RFQ#ATIC-UkRef-StartupCityCahul-2023-005: Supply of IT, office and ICT equipment for the “Digital Labs” initiative part of “Tekwill in every school” program (11 LOTs)

RFP#StartupCityCahul-2023-003: Provision of Audit Services for the EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul Project as per Sida requirements

NORD in IT – Noi Oportunitati de Recalificare si Dezvoltare in IT

RFQ# OPS-2022-019: Provision of events organization, event production, photo, video, music related services on Long-Term Contract basis for the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) general and project needs (4 LOTs)

RFP#YMC-2022-018: Provision of Audit Services for the “Youth Maker Club” Project (YMC) Liechtenstein Development Services (LED) requirement

RFP#DDV-2022-017: Development of the E-Learning platform “Digital Dual VET”

Noua Lege privind dreptul de autor și drepturile conexe a fost publicată în Monitorul Oficial

RFP#DDV-2022-016: Video production services for the online educational platform “Digital Dual VET” (7 LOTs)