Making IT happen

ICP#ATIC-UNICEF-2023-014: eLearning course development

Administrator/Startup City Cahul Foundation – Extended Deadline

DIGITAL SME welcomes new members from Lithuania, Moldova and Armenia

RFQ#ICTEC-2022-005: Supply and installation of linoleum flooring and skirting within the Tekwill Balti ICT Excellence Center

Dezvoltare Website pentru proiectul Clubul Tinerilor Makeri

RFQ#ICTEC-2021-048 for Provision of Repair works for FinTech Hub powered by Tekwill

RFQ# ICTEC-2021-045 for Supply of office furniture for FinTech Hub powered by Tekwill

„Digi Talents” – o oportunitate fascinantă de a-ți începe cariera! Descoperă programul de mobilitate pentru absolvenții și studenții TIC

RFQ# YMC-2021-041: Purchase of Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines

RFQ# ICTEC-StartupCityCahul-T4M/S4T-YMC-2021-042: Procurement of IT equipment (laptops/tablets)