[Extended] SCOPE OF WORK: “Aleg Cariera IT” Project Coordinator

SCOPE OF WORK: “Aleg Cariera IT” Project Coordinator


The development of the first ICT Excellence Center in Moldova was started in September 2015, under a USAID project, together with a number of strategic partners. It aims to improve Moldova’s global competitiveness and its business and investment environment. Innovative, high-value technology products and businesses are essential for development of the knowledge-based economy. Science, innovation and technology are the key drivers of the sustainable growth and competitiveness.

The project will be implemented as a private-public partnership (though Global Development Alliances instrument (GDA)), between the Moldovan Government, private industry, academia and donors. The private partners include multinational companies, IBM and Microsoft, and also Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies (ATIC) members that are local (operated) ICT companies. The private partners will bring significant new resources, ideas, software, technologies and development activities, such as trainings, practical assignments, and mentorship. The private sector partners will have the chance to use the center to communicate with the university, SMEs, startups, professionals and contribute to the curricula improvement answering the market needs, as well as the improvement of the IT and entrepreneurship ecosystem that will lead to the economic growth of the country. The Government of Moldova supports this project at the highest level of the Prime Minister, and the partners include Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Education, and E-Government Center. The space will be provided by the Technical University, as part of the Government commitment to this project. The e-Government Center will use the center as a training and capacity building resource for the public e-transformation and IT managers.

Over 1,000 beneficiaries are expected to receive relevant training per year. As a result of the project, the skills of the Moldovan work force and the ICT industry in Moldova will be improved.

The excellence center is planned to meet the following main tasks: education, networking, support, promotion and information management. Education services will include training, consulting and mentoring services for the SMEs, entrepreneurs, academia, public IT sector representatives. The content of the activities will include technical subjects with the possibility of demonstration of the latest technologies and soft business skills such as project management, marketing, communication, leadership and other. The center will be properly equipped for on-site training facilities, as well as offer the possibility to conduct trainings off-site upon need. The beneficiaries of the center will be coming from private sector, public sector and academia.

The center will host IT specialists networking events, students meetings with IT professionals and mentors, incoming professors and trainers, business to business meetings, startups to investors meetings, and other. The center will offer co working space for IT professionals and business people, as well as offer group or individual consultations for business development, technical support and seeking investment. All of the activities will be supported by the specifically designed infrastructure, which is currently unavailable in Moldova.


The “Aleg Cariera IT” Project Coordinator will be responsible for the implementation of the Action Plan related to the Career Orientation activities within the Tekwill Project.

The “Aleg Cariera IT” Project Coordinator will be working close with the Senior Project Supervisor and project team ensuring smooth implementation of the project operations, consistency of project communication with its beneficiaries and all relevant stakeholders, timely implementation of the planned activities in compliance with the project scope and goals. The “Aleg Cariera IT” Project Coordinator will be reporting to the Education Projects manager and the Senior Project Supervisor.


  • Carry out the assignment as defined in the SOW.
  • Complete the final deliverables in a timely manner as defined below.
  • Conduct all business in a manner that respects local culture.
  • Maintain high ethical standards, avoiding any actual or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Support all aspects of project implementation as needed.


  • Participate in the implementation of the project related action plans;
  • Maintain up-to-date files and records of project documentation;
  • Perform the needed administrative and logistics arrangements related to project activities
  • Provide support in the monitoring and evaluation of the activities carried out under the project;
  • Participate in the development of narrative and financial reports on the implemented activities;
  • Maintain ongoing communication with project stakeholders;
  • Perform any other administrative or financial task as assigned by Senior Project Supervisor, consistent with the general scope of work and the general project requirements.


  •  Information campaigns
  •  Visits to lyceums
  •  Information events/sessions
  •  Career Orientation Events
  •  Podcasts
  •  Website           
  •  Success Stories


  • BSc or BA degree in information technologies, business, economics, education or social sciences.
  • Relevant experience in implementing projects or organizing events
  • Keen attention to detail and an aptitude for problem solving;
  • Able to proactively address potential issues;
  • Results-oriented team player with very good analytical skills and problem-solving attitude;
  • Fluency in Romanian and Russian (written and spoken), Elementary knowledge of English.
  • Very good knowledge in PC Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
  • Beginner graphic design skills (and knowledge of photography skills are highly appreciated.

Personal qualifications

  • Reliable, accurate and systematic;
  • Goal-oriented, independent, committed, innovative and motivated;
  • Able and willing to learn and acquire new knowledge relevant to the position;
  • Excellent social and interpersonal communication skills and team spirit.
  • Is interested and has some experience working with youth and youth education projects;

Application procedure:

Interested candidates shall submit the following documents:
1. Motivation letter;
2. CV of the applicant.

The application package shall be submitted via email to: cdamaschin@ict.md, copy to ioriol@ict.md, with the subject line: “Aleg Cariera IT Project Coordinator”, by January 15, 2020 (17:00), extended until February 15, 2021 (17:00). Only selected persons will be contacted. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


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