New opportunities for the vocational technical education in the ICT sector

Starting with the month of December, 2012 the Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA in partnership with the National Association of Private ICT Companies is implementing the ’’Advancing quality in ICT vocational education in Moldova’’ project.

The project was launched on 31st of January 2013 at the headquarters of the Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA, within a round table with the subject ’’Advancing quality in ICT vocational education in Moldova’’’. The event started up the project activities which will contribute to the harmonization of the ICT education in Moldova, following the demand of the labor market in order to increase the relevance of the studies for the further employment.

Mr. Gerhard Schaumberger – representative of the Austrian Development Agency, Head of the Technical Cooperation Office, mentioned a special interest and the willing to support the implementation process of the project.

Among the round table participants were present Ministry of Education and Ministry of ICT representatives, Technical University of Moldova and private ICT companies representatives and also teams from those five pilot institutions selected for the project: Chisinau ICT College, Balti Polytechnic College, Pedagogical Industrial College from Cahul, Vocational School nr. 5 from Balti and Vocational School nr. 6 from Chisinau.

The presentations of the institutions emphasized the organizational and professorial potential which should be improved, but also the difficulties met in vocational education, like old equipment or the inconsistency of the programs with the actual ICT labor market demand.

Within the held workshops on the meeting were discussed relevant to the project goal topics, including the implemented ICT Curricula in colleges and schools, current requirements for the teachers training and the coherence between the different education levels.

At the round table were exposed many proposals and suggestions for some positive changes in the ICT education and for the project activities planning, including the needs analysis of those 5 pilot institutions.

This initiative is financially supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

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