Making IT happen with “Choose a Career in IT ” Campaign

Each  information session of the “Choose a Career in IT ” Campaign is unique, in every school we have a lot of pleasant revelations and nice impressions, every day we discover beautiful people and wonderful places.

So far ATIC held information sessions in 22 schools in the Republic. More than 1600 young people participated in the events, having the possibility to find useful information on specific activities in IT, career directions that they can follow, institutions where they can study and participated in a unique dialogue with representatives of the sector.

The participants impressed us with their enthusiasm, goodwill and positive energy. They were extremely responsive and they addressed a lot of interesting questions. We talked a lot about career opportunities in IT and every time we emphasized that success in this area is directly proportional to the effort invested in the personal development.

We discussed about the realities, achievements, education opportunites, myths and success stories in IT with the pupils from the following schools:

“Natalia Dadiani”, Chisinau
“Onisifor Ghibu”, Chisinau
“Mihai Eminescu”, Balti
“B.P. Hasdeu”, Balti
“Lucian Blaga”Balti
“Ion Creangă”, Cosnita, Dubasari
“Liceul Teoretic Dorotcaia”, Dorotcaia, Dubasari
“Alecu Donici”, Ciuciuleni, Hincesti
“Mircea Eliade”, Nisporeni
“Alexandru cel Bun”, Varzaresti, Nisporeni
“Alecu Russo”, Singereii Noi, Singerei
“Mihai Eminescu” Anenii Noi
“Vasile Alecsandri” Ungheni
“Stefan cel Mare, Taraclia, Causeni
“Alexei Mateevici”, Causeni
“Onisifor Ghibu”, Orhei
“Alecu Russo”, Orhei
“Mihai Eminescu”, Cahul
“Mihai Eminescu, Slobozia Mare, Cahul
“Mihai Eminescu”, Leova
“Ivan Vazov”, Taraclia
The young people have been asking challenging questions and we hope our answers were enough convincing and eloquent in order to motivate them to embrace a career in IT.

We were extreemly glad to discover young people that had already decided to follow their vocation and to make a career in the industry revolutionizing daily our  lives. We enjoyed giving them useful tips and recommendations and we hope they will become valuable IT professionals.

We would like to thank Allied Testing, Pentalog and Cedacri International for leading some of the presentations and inspiring the young people to consider pursuing a career in the ICT sector. We greatly appreciate the dedicated support, the efforts and the enthusiasm they invest in the campaign.

More pictures and updates from the campaign: “Aleg Cariera IT” Facebook Group

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