Collaboration between the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, the Ministry of Education and IBM for the educational system development

“By developing the IT industry, we strive to transform our country’s intellectual property into economic value”, Vitalie Tarlev, the Deputy Minister of Information Technology and Communications said during the workshop dedicated to combining technology skills with the businesses to increase the quality of the educational environment. The workshop is organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the IBM Company.

The Deputy Minister of ITC Vitalie Tarlev mentioned the urgent need for e-education development, recalling that one of the main pillars of the “Digital Moldova 2020” Strategy refers to the ICT use in education. The Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MITC) relies on improving education and management processes at the system, universities and schools levels both through this set of policies and the Strategy of IT competitiveness enhancement. “The application of new information technologies in the education system will have a sustainable impact on the national economy and on the population’s living standards”, Vitalie Tarlev added. In this context, the Deputy Minister mentioned the Centre of Excellence that is to be opened at the Technical University of Moldova in 2015. The Centre of Excellence will become a link between the education and the training of skilled IT professionals.

Maia Sandu, the Minister of Education, who was present at the event, admitted that the education system needs improvement, and such meetings are essential for the development of ICT in education. “By organizing this kind of workshops, we can find out the constraints and identify the contributions of three parties: the government, businesses and the civil society”, Maia Sandu said. The Minister of Education considers that there is a close connection between the curricular review through institutional mechanisms, increase of teachers’ salaries, and provision of teachers’ professional training. “These targets can be reached by involving the private sector in the process”, Maia Sandu specified.

Richard Baird, the Vice President of IBM, said that the Republic of Moldova has a great potential for the business environment development and that reinventing the education would be appropriate in this regard. “The implementation of advanced technologies is an extensive process and will facilitate users’ lives, like, for instance, mobile applications do”, the IBM official explained.

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