Moldova ICT Summit 2012

Date:  May 16-17 2012

Organizers:  Ministry of ICT, Moldovan ICT Association, USAID CEED II Project

Partners: e-Government Center, Microsoft Moldova, Tacit Knowledge, Moldcell

Location:  Leogrand Hotel and Convention Center


Moldova ICT Summit 2012 is the key industry event aimed to gather national and international stakeholders to share best practices in bridging ICT and education, foster the digital engagement and spread the know-how for an involved, responsible, digital society. It aims at showcasing the actions and steps that lead to a knowledge based society and development of the ICT industry.

Who will participate?

  • Local Government Stakeholders
  • Leading ICT companies
  • Highly ranked experts
  • Foreign Governments Representatives
  • Academia
  • IT Professionals

 Who should attend?

  • Government representatives
  • Industry stakeholders
  • Industry professionals
  • Development partners
  • Related academia

Grand Opening:

  • Prime minister
  • Minister of ICT
  • US Ambassador


1. Education and Professional Enhancement 

Track owner – CEED II. Partners: ATIC, Microsoft

How do we solve the labor force shortage - main issue hindering the rapid growth of the ICT sector? How do we create the highly competent human capital in different aspects of ICT?


2. Digital Engagement

Track owner – MTIC. Partner  e-Government Center

What should we do for engaging with the knowledge economy and how are we facing the challenges of the smarter society of the future?


3. Mobile & e-commerce

Track owner – Moldcell. Partners: ATIC, QSystems, Tacit Knowledge

How are mobility and new technological trends shaping the behavioral and business models? How it affects the society? How can it help countries implement their digital agenda?


4. Software as Craft

Track owner – Tacit Knowledge

Is the global technological change fueling the beginning of a new Age? What are the challenges faced today by the software development professionals?


5. Attracting investment in IT

Track owner – PM’s advisory office. Partners – ATIC, USAID CEED II Project

How can Moldova attract more investment in ICT and become a regional destination of choice?


6. ICT4Business

Track owner – ATIC

What are the solutions offered by ICT companies for other sectors to enhance their efficiency?


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