The company “Arax-Impex” was founded in 1992 and and became an Internet provider in 1999. In 2004, the company became one of the alternative operators, having received a license to provide fixed telephone services.

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Cedacri International  

The company was founded in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova.The company provides software and business process outsourcing services to banking sector clients.

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GPG Consulting  

Global Phoning Group is a multilingual contact centre, providing telemarketing services, software development services, as well as data entry, BPO, KPO, website animation and moderation and all kinds of offshore outsourcing services.

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Moldcell started its operations in Moldova in April 2000 having launched a new phase in the development of mobile communication sector in Moldova. Moldcell shareholders are: MolFintur SRL holding 1% of the shares and Fintur Holdings BV owning 99% of the shares. 

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Moldtelecom is a national telecommunications operator in Moldova. Created on April 1, 1993, as part of the national telecommunications restructuring, Moldtelecom was a state company. 

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Riscom is a telecommunication operator technology since 1995. The company provides a full spectrum of basic Internet services. In our work we use today's software and hardware solutions. 

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StarNet, a privately-owned telecommunications company, now comprising a group of profiled companies, organized as a holding, is one of the leading ITC company from Moldova.  

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Switchover, the latest to be incorporated, is based in Moldova. Currently all the activities of this company are devoted to the development and assistance of all the applications aiming to support the activities of the mother company. 

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