Terms of References Consultant in Technical Specifications

Educational Centre PRO DIDACTICA in partnership with National Association of Private ICT Companies (ATIC) and with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency intends to implement the project „Advancing quality in ICT vocational education in Moldova“. Among problems and challenges of the VET sector, one of the most important ones is the problem of quality of knowledge and practical skills of the young ICT specialists. In order to solve these problems we consider important to mobilize the potential we have and through an effective partnership between EC PRO DIDACTICA, Ministry of Education, vocational institutions and ATIC as representatives of IT companies to operate some changes in the system.

The expected results of the project are:

  1. Improved, updated curricula for ICT specializations, relevant for market needs developed in beneficiary colleges with involvement of ICT companies’ representatives;
  2. Improved practical skills of IT students updated to labor market demands through enrollment of trained students in private sector
  3. Awareness about the possibility to get a Career in ICT at a VET institution raised;
  4. Updated IT laboratories;
  5.  Improved teaching of IT and English language, using modern methods

Implementation period of the project: December 2012 – May 2015

The overall objective of the project is:
To contribute to the harmonization of ICT vocational education in Moldova with labor market demands.

The project purpose is:
To support the qualitative improvement of content and process of ICT professional education in 6 institutions (colleges and vocational schools), thus fostering the improvement of quality of knowledge and practical skills of the young ICT specialists.

Taking into consideration the specific of the project, one of the direct activities to be implemented is: updated IT laboratories in the selected institutions.

In this context, ATIC is looking for a company/person with technical IT Background to conduct the following tasks:

  1. Review the current situation of the equipment and laboratories of the selected institutions according to a commonly defined form;
  2. Evaluate 2 models of equipping the laboratories:
    a) Create inhouse laboratories according to the developed requirements driven by the curriculum;
    b) Create inhouse laboratories, as well as equip one common excellence center for the joint programs;
  3. Deliver a report containing recommendations for the laboratory creation and equipment;
  4. Other tasks determined additionally during the assignement.


  1. Report containing current information about the number of laboratories, current equipment, its performance, etc.
  2. Study about the best model of equiping the schools with necessary technical support.
  3. Recommendations for the ToRs specification for equipment procurement.

Contacts and Procedures
Interested Vendors/ Consultants are requested to express interest in responding to this proposal as soon as possible to the contracting contact below, by confirming via electronic mail that they have received the RfP documents and that they intend to submit a proposal by the deadline specified below. The electronic mail should state the name of the Prime Contractor and provide contact details for any future correspondence in relation to this RfP. Please note that this correspondence will not be used as part of the evaluation process.

Organizers contracting contact:
Ms Ana Chirita
Executive Director
Moldovan Association of private ICT companies (ATIC)
28, Maria Cibotari, of 1B, Chisinau MD 2012, Republic of Moldova
Phone/Fax: +373 22 887000,

Vendor Information to be included in the proposal
All interested vendors must include in their proposals:
Corporate overview – legal name, year of creation, number of employees, other information they might find relevant
Services – description of all services and products supplied.
Markets served – description of geographic/industry markets served.
Partners – list of current event-related suppliers and partners.
Customer & Activity References – a list of other similar activities previously done.


Individual consultants should submit:
Proposal including overview of vision on implementing and achieving the above mentioned tasks, references to other similar activities completed.
Other relevant information

Submission procedures
An electronic copy of the Proposal document in English, clearly marked Name/Surname/VET Project, should be sent by electronic mail not later than January 15, 2014 to the contact noted above.

Proposals submitted by any other method and/or in any other way or beyond the specified deadline will be rejected.