Request for Proposals (RFP): Instructional Designers

Request for Proposals (RFP): Instructional Designers 

RFP Number: RFP-TWENTYTU-2018-1

Issuance Date: 09.10.2018

Deadline for Offers: 25.10.2018

Description: Instructional designers for TwentyTu online courses

For: ATIC/Tekwill Funded By:ATIC/Tekwill

Founded by: ATIC/Tekwill

Point of Contact:,  contact person: Radu Marian


In May 2018, Tekwill announced TwentyTu – an educational project that will provide access to online education to every pupil and teacher in Moldova. 11 online courses for children and 3 for teachers will be available for free on the TwentyTu platform. TwentyTu beneficiaries – children and professors, will receive direct incentives to enroll to courses – such as bonuses at their main grade at the school for children and bonus for didactic promotion for teachers – making our educational product particularly attractive. The project’s mission is to harness Moldova’s untapped human capital and to help grow a generation of citizens that will create, here at home, products and services that will meet economic & social challenges at national and global scale. The name “TwentyTu” stems from our 22nd century outlook, while “tu” in Romanian means “you”.

The objective of this Request of Proposals is to identify and contract a professional instructional designer (individual or legal person) that will develop the instructional experience of users, both for the entire platform and of each courses. The instructional designer will work closely with course experts (content providers), graphic designers and web developers. Where available, the instructional designer will adjust the already available online courses.

There are three main tasks for the instructional designers:

  1. Develop instructional experience principles for the entire TwentyTu platform. ATIC/Tekwill is open to new and creative instructional elements, but there are few key elements that should be found in any of the courses:
    –  Teamwork exercises that require collaboration of users across the platform
    –  Gamification/learning-by-play tools
    –  Decision-making exercises that will enhance the users’ abilities in making decisions
  2. Develop the instructional scenario and elements (text, exercises, quizzes, videos, video lectures, collaborative discussions, peer assessments, quizzes, etc.) for each of the courses below. Where the online course content and scenario is already available, adjust the course to fit to the TwentyTu learning principles.
  3. Consulting the project managers and course experts on the instructional experience needed.


Offerors shall submit their expression of interest to participate and propose offers until October 26, 2018 via e-mail to Offerors shall submit their offers electronically.

For full instructions, please download the Request for Proposals in this link: If you are also a course expert, you can apply for TwentyTu’s RFP for course experts. Please find additional info here.