Aleg cariera IT

Aleg Cariera IT (IT Career Campaign)

The purpose of the IT Career Campaign is to promote the IT Career as an attractive option for the younger generations, guide talented pupils towards ICT specialties, and also inspire young people that are pursuing IT studies to work harder in order to develop tech and soft skills needed on the market place.


  • Highlight the advantages, prospects, opportunities young people can benefit of by choosing a career in IT
  • Refer to the skills and knowledge requirements set by the employers
  • Encourage the ICT students to undertake more active actions to gain useful knowledge and develop important abilities for their future employment.

Key facts:

  • 800+ publications/news in the local mass-media on IT career topics (y. 2010 – 2020)
  • 6 nation wide TV campaigns ”Choose a career in IT” (y. 2010 – 2018)
  • More than 10 000 pupils from 100+ high schools all over the country have participated in the information campaign “Choose a Career in IT” (y. 2012 – 2020)

The IT Career Campaign was launched in 2010 and has become an annual tradition. The Campaign includes 2 main components: media campaign and guidance visits in schools.

Within the media campaign a large variety of media publications demystifying the concept of a tech career and showing real success cases, are produced and published on local news portals and shared through social media channels. The articles and video materials are reflecting the success stories and include testimonials from local IT specialists that achieved remarkable achievements in their professional path. The materials illustrate the itinerary of the protagonists and reflect the motivations that lead to success, thus bringing into the spotlight important aspects related to the foundation, premises and requirements for a bright career in IT. The stories also contribute to the demystification of the IT roles and well-spread stereotypes about IT and help young people to get a more accurate, consistent and cohesive perception over the available on the market IT jobs.

The Information campaign “Choose a Career in IT” in schools is organized as career guidance sessions dedicated to the pupils of X – XII grades. The purpose of the campaign is to provide youth with useful information on IT roles, relevant for career studies, advantages, and strengths of a career in IT, premises and requirements for a successful career. More than 10000 pupils from 100+ high schools all over the country have participated within the initiative since its launch in 2012.

Since the launch of the ICT Career campaign in 2010, the number of IT-related applicants has increased significantly reaching over 3,000 requests for 1,000 available placements in 2019 for all Universities providing IT studies in Moldova.

The admission grades from general education in IT specialties are currently averaging 8.2, which is significantly higher than it was 10 years ago.

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