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Paynet is a leading fintech company in Moldova's payment industry, offering the most comprehensive payment solutions on the market. We connect consumers, financial institutions, merchants, and businesses, ensuring fast, secure, and convenient transactions. Our online and mobile payment platforms simplify the payment process, allowing users to make payments from the comfort of their homes or on the go, using an intuitive design.


Company description

Paynet offers tailored online financial services in Moldova for both individual consumers and businesses. For individuals, Paynet provides digital wallets, physical and virtual cards, bill payments, and international transfers with enhanced security features like biometric authentication. For businesses, it offers comprehensive merchant services including easy integration with e-commerce platforms, detailed financial monitoring, and promotional tools to enhance customer engagement. These solutions aim to streamline transaction processes and improve financial management across different user segments.

B2B (Business-to-Business) Functions

The Paynet Merchant page offers a range of services for businesses in Moldova, focusing on online payment solutions. It provides tools for easy online payment acceptance via various methods including cards and wallets, quick integration with e-commerce platforms, and features like QR code payments. Businesses can manage finances through detailed online monitoring and reporting, generate and sell event tickets, and benefit from loyalty programs. The platform aims to enhance customer engagement through efficient, secure transaction processing and promotional tools. For more detailed information, you can visit their page here.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

Paynet is a fintech card issuer and Mastercard principal member in Moldova.

The Paynet website/app provides comprehensive online financial services in Moldova, enabling users to perform various transactions conveniently. The first digital wallet in Moldova, which can be set up with just a phone number. Users can order physical or virtual Paynet cards, pay bills, and handle cross-border transactions within the EU and UK at competitive fees. The platform emphasizes security with features like biometric authentication and offers cashback rewards from partner transactions. For more details, you can visit our page here.


  • Fintech & Financial industries

Service & Capabilities

B2C Services

  1. Paynet Card (Physical and Virtual)

    • Plastic Card:

      • Easy online ordering, free home delivery.
      • No issuance or monthly fees.
      • Free ATM withdrawals in Moldova.
      • Free card-to-card transfers within Paynet.
      • Contactless payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay integration.
      • 24/7 customer support and real-time notifications.
      • Multiple card options (up to 6 cards: 3 plastic, 3 virtual).
    • Virtual Card:

      • Ideal for international users.
      • Supports online subscriptions and global purchases.
      • Same features as the physical card, but fully digital.
  2. Social Payments

    • Online activation without visiting a bank.
    • Receive social payments directly into Paynet account.
    • Special tariffs and immediate processing.
  3. Transfers to IBAN Account (EU) 

    • Simple, convenient, and efficient international transfers.
    • Receive and send funds across Europe.
  4. Transfers to GBP Account (UK)

    • Online account setup with GBP account details.
    • Low transfer fees and advantageous exchange rates for GBP-MDL conversions.
    • Suitable for Moldovans in the UK.

B2B Services

  1. Personalized Business Dashboard

    • Adapted to business needs.
    • 24/7 transaction control.
  2. Paynet Business Mobile App

    • Real-time transaction push notifications.
    • Easy access to useful reports.
  3. Electronic Invoicing

    • Send payment requests via email or messenger.
  4. Cash Invoice

    • Pay for online purchases with cash.
  5. Quick Integration

    • Customizable plugins for rapid setup without an IT department.
  6. Advantageous Transaction Fees

    • Competitive rates for successful transactions.

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Clients & Markets

Our services are exclusively tailored for Moldovans, both within the country and those living abroad. We aim to provide secure, efficient, and convenient financial solutions to meet the unique needs of our fellow Moldovans, ensuring seamless access to our comprehensive payment systems no matter where they are. Whether you’re at home or overseas, Paynet is here to support your financial transactions with ease and reliability.