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Technical University of Moldova


The Technical University of Moldova was founded in 1964 with the initial name “Polytechnic Institute”, based on engineering and economic specialties transferred from Moldova State University. In the first year of study (1964 – 1965) the university had 5140 students (of whom 2085 were full-time students), grouped into five faculties: Electrotechnics, Mechanics, Technology, Constructions, and Economics. The teaching staff numbered 278 teachers, of whom only 36 had academic degrees and scientific titles.

In the next years, the university increased both quantitatively and qualitatively and became a great center of education, science, and culture.

At present, the Technical University of Moldova has a contingent of about 9520 students (of whom 6095 full-time students), who study in 64 specialties and specializations, in 9 faculties: “Energetics and Electrical Engineering”, “Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Transport”, “Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics”, “Electronics and Telecommunications”, “Food Technology”, “Textiles and Polygraphy”, “Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre”, “Urbanism and Architecture”, “Economic Engineering and Business”.  At TUM is organized also postgraduate education (1442 masters and 124 doctoral students), and works the staff retraining and professional development courses. In its 51 years of existence, there have been trained over 78 387 specialists. Within TUM, there functions a technical-scientific library with reading rooms, design offices, and computer centers.

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