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Switchover AG

Switchover AG, formerly Switchward International Group AG, is a Swiss Company operates in the wholesale telecommunication market. The core business is concentrated on collecting and terminating significant volumes of voice minutes traffic on behalf of important international clients. Switchover via its own daughters companies is active in the TLC field since 2003, when Switchward Ltd was established in London. Since December 2004, it has become a Swiss telephone operator. Switchover is registered as a telephone service operator by UFCOM (nr. 2000752) and by ANRCETI (AC000303 and AC000334). The company avails of bilateral interconnection contracts in TDM / VoIP with the most important worldwide telephone operators, who are both customers and suppliers and solid partnerships with the major optical fiber suppliers via whom Switchover can grant high quality standards. Switchover SRL is based in Moldova. Currently all the activities of this company are devoted to the development and assistance of all the applications aiming to support the activities of the mother company. The Chisinau office employs Oracle developers and certified specialists as well as sales resources working for the back office of Switchover AG. Switchover SRL is performing the NOC activity (Network Operation Centre) monitoring all the different POPs and systems running 24/7 hrs, Monitoring and Ticketing, anti-fraud monitoring and back office for wholesale activity.

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