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Project name & Country of AssignmentClient & Reference Contact DetailsContract ValuePeriod of activity and statusTypes of activities undertaken
Piloting regional IT related courses in the regions of Moldova

Swiss Cooperation Office
through OPTIM (Helvetas)23, Mateevici Str., Block B
2009 Chisinau, MoldovaPhone +373 22 79 69 38
+373 22 79 69 44 / 45
+373 22 73 12 69

Apr. 52,000 USDAugust 2019 -July 2020 (ongoing due to COVID)This project is a direct link to the Moldova ICT Excellence Center Project
The overarching goal is to create opportunities for people from the regions to get better employment opportunities
”Moldova ICT Excellence Center” Project (TEKWILL)

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Government of Sweden

American Embassy/Moldova 57/1, Banulescu-Bodoni Street, ASITO Building, 5th Floor, Chisinau, Moldova
Phone 373-22-20-18-00
Fax 373-22-23-72-77


Embassy of Sweden
12 Toma Ciorba Street, MD 2004, Chisinau, Moldova
Phone +373 22 26 73 20


4,000,000 USD +
4,900,000 USD (extension)
August 2015 – June 2020
Extended until 2023
Under this Project an ICT Excellence Center in Moldova is developed by a number of strategic partners with the financial support from the United States Agency for International Development. During 36 months the project will: 1) support the setup and equipment of the facility; 2) support the creation of a business plan integrating relevant IT educational content and entrepreneurship activities; 3) Train and prepare qualified staff; 4) Initiate and expand educational, training and entrepreneurship development activities.
The Technical University of Moldova will host the Center on its premises.Extension period:
Institutional development and capacity building for the Tekwill (Chisinau) Center and creation of makers space/fabrication laboratory (FabLab)
Continuous support for the Moldova ICT start-up community, integrating relevant ICT educational content and entrepreneurship activities
Develop Tekwill regional Centers through deployment of relevant ICT educational content and entrepreneurship activities in the regions (Chisinau, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, and potentially Tiraspol)
Capacity development of the potential regional Centers’ governing bodies and management teams
Empowering Women in TechUN Women – Moldova Country Office
202 Stefan cel Mare bd., 3rd floor, Chisinau, MoldovaTel: +373 22 839 898Email:
134,040 USD + Extended 100,000 USDJune 2018- May 2019
Extended 2020
ICT Career Promotion, Build awareness that ICTs are tools that enable gender equality and women’s empowerment and are integral to the creation of societies in which both women and men can substantively contribute and participate, close human capital gap due to lack of people.
Youth Maker Club

Liechtenstein Development Service (LED)

Str. Sciusev, 105, #1203

Chisinau, MD-2012
Tel: +373 22 901 801

100,000 EURAugust 2019
July 2020 (extended due to COVID)
The project will create a nurturing learning environment that will provide a series of diversified activities, including fun ones that require hands-on application of science, technology and crafts (including mechanics, electricity, electronics). Students will be challenged to choose from a variety of Tekwill based programs- from more IT-oriented and technical workshops and meetups to activities that include make, build, “think with their minds hands” and design while solving individually or in group a variety of tasks or real-life problems. Importantly, the project will feature an environment that encourages students to trust themselves, to take ownership of their own learning, and to feel safe while making mistakes. Beyond the technical skills gained at Tekwill as part of the project, students will be able to strengthen essential soft skills like problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking, basic digital skills and working in teams. To achieve the objective and contribute to the aim of the project a certain number of activities will be implemented. Some of them will be focused on taking the students out and putting them simply in a different working environment, acquiring new skills and abilities, others on working in a team and implementing joint projects. A part of activities will familiarize students and their professors with the new technologies, will introduce them to the Tekwill community.
Engagement of the private sector companies in ICT to drive innovation and accelerated achievement of nationalized SDGs

UNDP Moldova

United Nations House
131, 31 August str., Chisinau, MD-2012, Moldova
Tel.: (+373 22) 22-00-45 (switchboard)
Fax: (+373 22) 22-00-41

120,000 USD

July 2018

January 2019

Support consolidation of the national eco-system for innovation by bringing modern ICT technologies closer to other sectors of the economy Provision of matching support to private sector companies to generate prototypes, test and commercialize new products or services or solutions that are conducive to a more sustainable social and economic development of the nation Further invest in the area of ICT education, strengthen and develop new partnerships for ICT and soft skills and education
Startup Academy powered by TekwillEuropean Fund for Southeast Europe
Finance in Motion GmbH,
25, M. Bănulescu Bodoni str., 3rd floor, room 31MD – 2012 Chisinau, Moldova
Phone +373 22 54 46 – 26
Fax +373 22 54 46 – 26
Apr. 30,000 USDAugust 2018 – August 20194 month course to support entrepreneurs
Startup Academy is a program in which we educate first-time entrepreneurs about the product validation process and the startup mindset.
During this program entrepreneurs learn how to validate their ideas and prototypes.
It is an environment that is conducive to helping early stage startups every day by surrounding them with people who mentor, inspire, and challenge them, determining the strategy structure and prepare to connect startups with investors.
“Increase the number of Moldovan ICT specialists by motivating youth to access IT studies and provide training opportunities designed to increase interest in engineering and technology fields as well as developing skills for future IT careers”

United States Agency for International Development (USAID), under the USAID Moldova Competitiveness Project implemented by Chemonics International Inc.

American Embassy/Moldova
57/1, Banulescu-Bodoni Street, ASITO Building, 5th Floor, Chisinau, Moldova
Phone 373-22-20-18-00
Fax 373-22-23-72-77

413.228 USDMay 16, 2016 to October 10, 2017The goal of the Project is to expand the educational robotics programs and increase in the number of students involved in training activities and to encourage young people to apply for IT studies.
“Creation of Library Robotics Clubs in Moldova”

Public Association International Research & Exchanges Board, Representation in Moldova “IREX” (PO IREX Moldova)

202 Stefan cel Mare Ave., 8th Floor Central Building

Chisinau, Moldova
+ (373-22) 233-231

24,923 USDJuly 5, 2016 to May 5, 2017The project aims at supporting the libraries to develop and provide the younger generation with alternative educational services and innovative learning solutions through the creation of Library Robotics clubs. The clubs will be equipped with relevant robotics sets and the key personnel involved in teaching robotics will be trained and provided with necessary resources, materials and tools.
“Partnerships for quality and relevance in ICT vocational education in Moldova”

Austrian Development Cooperation

Austrian Embassy Chisinau

23A Mateevici street,
MD-2009, Chisinau,
Phone: +373-22-739370
Fax: +373-22-796940

603,652 EUR2015-2018The project “Partnerships for quality and relevance in ICT vocational education in Moldova” aims at assuring the quality and relevance of ICT vocational education for local, regional and national economy in Moldova, through the support in launching and in qualitative functioning of the Centre of Excellence for the VET ICT education thus advancing the harmonization of ICT education in Moldova with labour market demands, and to support the initial activity and functioning of the National Agency For Quality Assurance in Professional Education as an independent, functional and professional body.
”Smart Classroom Project”

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

Ukraine, Kyiv, 12, Striletska st., 01001

phone: +38044-279-6424
fax: +38044-279-6400

91,500 USDJune 2015 to January 2016

In 2015, ATIC has been chosen as an implementing Agency for the Smart Classroom project with a focus on the following components:

1.Development of the Action plan of ICT in Education
2.Development of the Digital Manual Concept
3.Development of an Educational Portal
4.Development of Digital Repository for teachers
5.Training for Trainers in ICT Education

”Promotion of the IT Career Campaign”

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Bd. Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt, 162 MD-2004 Chişinău, Republica Moldova

Tel/fax : 820-861

28,000 USD2013-2016The purpose of the initiative is to promote the IT Career as an attractive option for the younger generations, orient talented pupils towards ICT specialties, and also inspire young people that are pursuing IT studies to work harder in order to develop tech and soft skills needed on the market place.
Another objective the project strives to achieve is encouraging the ICT students to undertake more active actions to gain useful knowledge and develop important skills for their future employment.
“Advancing quality in ICT vocational education in Moldova’’Austrian Development Agency
Local Office Chisinau
Mateevici 23B, 2009 Chisinau, Moldova Office
Tel: +37322739370
290,000 EURDecember 2012 – May 2015The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the harmonization of ICT education in Moldova with labor market demands. The project supports the qualitative improvement of content and process of ICT professional education in 6 institutions (colleges and vocational schools), thus fostering the improvement of quality of knowledge and practical skills of the young ICT specialists.