Making IT happen


Developingit International is a team of developers who work on creating software solutions for various business domains.  As part of Payingit International, we are working on serverless cloud solutions to automate the business processes of the Payingit company, of its customers, and their clients as well.

Developingit International provides software development services primarily related to labor market, fin/tech industry, and business automation procedures, aiming to automate the industry as much as possible and facilitate the collaboration of the actors within the labor market.

Payingit International is a Dutch company that specializes in payroll and employment solutions and offers services for international companies who want to step into the Dutch labor market, providing services for employees as well as for employers who have another registered entity than Dutch. At the same time, Payingit International offers immigration services for highly skilled migrants from all over the world. The company arranges sponsorships, visas, and permits needed to travel and work in the Netherlands.