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DAS Solutions

DAS Solutions is a software development company that designs, builds, and develops highly functional software products, platforms & tools that help businesses succeed in the digital era. Through our passionate and skillful team, we make sure not to only meet the existing, but also foresee and outrun the future challenges and requirements of international companies. DAS Solutions mainly specializes in developing software in the following industries: Finance & Banking, Insurance, Telecom and E-health. But we don’t stop there.

DAS Solutions is a team of individuals who revolve around technology, innovative ideas and software that works. We work in small, focused teams that are agile, efficient and focused on solutions. We accelerate your business’ growth via innovative ideas and software that works. We are obsessed with finding solutions to reduce costs, minimize human error and ultimately maximize profit. Based in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – DAS Solutions connects with people and businesses around the world.

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