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ATIC is open to ICT companies with a legitimate interest in the ICT industry in the Republic of Moldova, which operates in Moldova and/or abroad, and recognizes ATIC’s Statute.

Benefits Description

  • Lobby and Advocacy

ATIC is the voice of ICT business in the Republic of Moldova. Drawing upon committee discussions and Members common interests ATIC engages in advocacy. Moldovan Association of ICT Companies promotes the development of the ICT sector in the Republic of Moldova through viable partnerships between companies, similar organizations, universities, state institutions, international organizations in order to enhance the development of the sector and members capacities, enlarge the market, improve the ICT workforce capacities, protect current investments in the country and participate in the decision making and regulatory process on the national and international level. ATIC will actively promote the interests of the members, by helping delivering the benefits of the ICT sector, while meeting the legitimate concerns of the members.

ATIC committees are the site of/catalyst for fruitful discussion on ICT industry trends and government policies between Members. The issues discussed by the committees’ concern topics such as: education, tax, innovation, data protection, E-Commerce, digitalization, and many others. One of the main Association’s goal is to ensure a continuous development of the ICT climate in Moldova through cooperation with the public sector and other business organizations, monitoring legislation, preparing position papers and legal opinions, and playing a role in rule-making.

Advocacy Alert – ATIC gives access to unique and insightful regular email notifications on new regulations in the ICT sector.

  • Networking

ATIC organizes many events for its Members and ICT community throughout the year. These include various invitations to ATIC/Tekwill events during which Members have a chance to participate in discussions with high-level government and business representatives, meet Partners, exchange of information and best-practice on practical/industry issues and on how to deal with difficult policy questions and many other business and social gatherings.

  • Newsletter

With ATIC you are on the top of the news. We always strive to offer timely and valuable information to our members. On the other side, our members have the opportunity to share with each other their news and to promote their products and services.

  • Promotion of the Company

Members Spotlight on ATIC website and aligning with ATIC events and activities is an excellent opportunity to utilize a powerful marketing tool.

ATIC Members are invited to take part in the Catalogue of ICT Companies, developed by the Association, which is a unique referral opportunity for the ICT market in Moldova.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities within Tekwill Programs

Your Company logo prominently displayed during Tekwill Programs, on printed materials, on the program banner, Facebook Page and other media channels. Your Company’s promotional brochure distributed during the program Your Company mentioned as a program sponsor in press releases and any other event advertising. Promotion of the Company through the Program Campaign Complimentary promotional space in Tekwill and ATIC programs/ publications Through ATIC sponsorship opportunities, you will gain additional exposure in the press Your company will demonstrate socially responsible behavior, increasing positive recognition and brand loyalty. Connect your Company to the outside world

  • Human Resources Capacity Development

ATIC looks forward to provide to its members a variety of training, workshops and programs focused for the ICT sector, which would guarantee to enhance your valuable human capital and meet the sector’s needs. ATIC is dedicated to the improvement of ICT education and highest level of skills in Moldova.

  • Tekwill within ATIC

Exclusive Discounts for ATIC Members and access to Events Sponsorship Opportunities as well as defining and benefiting of educational programs. Participation in market development opportunities and start up ecosystem environment

  • EuroISPA Information Access

ATIC is a member of pan European association of European Internet Services Providers Associations (ISPAs). It is the world’s largest association of Internet Services Providers (ISPs), representing over 2300 ISPs across the EU and EFTA countries. As an Association working on European Level makes ATIC visible to European Community.

  • Legal Pocket Guide for the ICT industry

ATIC Members get access and may contribute to the continuous development of the Legal Pocket Guide for the ICT industry. Currently the third revised edition is available.

If your company is interested in joining ATIC, please contact ATIC Executive Team.