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Alfasoft is a full service e-government consulting company providing requirements analysis, process improvement and custom software solutions. The company focusing on e-government by providing project and program management, business process reengineering, software engineering services and packaged software solutions for the legislative, executive and judicial branches of power in the emerging markets. We help our clients around the world to plan and implement a technology change, appropriately and strategically, using our high-end management information solutions. Our strengths come from highly experienced team – gives us a 360º understanding of any project we undertake; visionary leadership – motivates our team and provide direction for future planning and goal setting; mature process methodology – helps to reach our customers reliability objectives; and, our own all-in-one application framework – helps to deploy applications faster, at a lower cost, and with fewer errors. Our government expertise and global experience gives us the advantage of knowing the requirements and building value-added solutions with a perfect blend of project management and the technological know-how.

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