Moldova ICT Summit 2011

Empowering development through Information Technology

The 2011 Moldova ICT Summit builds upon the 2010 Summit and it will gather together industry stakeholders from Government, the Moldovan business community, multinational companies, and academia to discuss international and national trends and challenges facing the ICT industry.

In particular, the Summit will focus on defining a roadmap for e-transformation in Moldova through the effective integration of technology in public and private sector life; and it will lay out a proactive agenda to strengthen national ICT sector competitiveness.

The event will increase cooperation, coordination, and trust between and among the public and private sectors, the Moldovan ICT community, Moldovan and international partners, and IT and non-IT companies; this will lift all participants’ aspirations for building an information society in Moldova and will drive innovation that will in turn boost economic growth.

The summit this year will have four main tracks:

  • e-Transformation & ICT Competitiveness – a forum for Moldovan business and government leaders and invited international experts to discuss Moldova’s vision and plan for ICT-enabled economic growth and government efficiency, as well as learn about upcoming development challenges for the Moldovan ICT industry both at home and abroad.
  • IT entrepreneurship – a series of interactive discussions for ICT business managers and entrepreneurs aimed at presenting trends, challenges, and opportunities for on-line entrepreneurship, showcasing success stories from the region. This year’s hot topics include gaming and mobile, on-line payments, digital advertising, and venture capital.
  • IT4Developers – a forum for ICT professionals to learn about current technology trends, and solutions from short presentations by international and Moldovan IT professionals, and to network with colleagues and share information about the latest technologies, development platforms, and management techniques.
  • IT4Business – targeted presentations by IT companies for non-IT businesses that showcasing the IT services and solutions to demonstrate how they can boost productivity and efficiency and help businesses to grow.

How it began

The first Moldova ICT Summit took place during March 30th and March 31st, 2010 at the Leogrand Convention Center in Chisinau, and it was organized under the patronage of the Ministry of ICT of the Republic of Moldova.

The 2010 edition of the event drew about 1,000 participants - about 800 at the summit and the rest at the awards ceremony for the WebTop contest recognizing sites hosted under the umbrella of the Moldovan ICT Association.
The summit gathered leaders from the Moldovan ICT industry, regional ICT vendors, government representatives, international professionals, and domestic business customers, which established a platform for dialogue and development of the sector.

The 2010 Summit was organized into three major tracks:

  • Development 4 ICT. Speakers included the Prime Minister, Minister of ICT and Deputy Ministers; representatives from the private sector; international guests from the USAID RCI; ESI Bulgaria; Czech Invent; the Czech ICT association; and International Data Corporation. Participants included 11 guest speakers from 7 countries.
  • ICT 4 Business. 10 companies showcased their products and solutions, including F-line Technologies, Endava, Credinfo (in the banking and finance section); and Maxlinie-MCS, Lucas Communication, Moldcell, Starnet, Softprom (in the general business section).
    ICT 4 Professionals. IT specialists and future specialists attended the presentations by international and domestic professionals from Microsoft, Alfa-Soft, Allied Testing, Endava, Moldcell, and other leading ICT companies.